Custom Electronics Development
can assist you in the total solution to your digital electronics, microprocessor control, or digital signal processing problem.

can assist you with the solution to your needs from beginning to end.

You can have the expertise of a full staff of engineers without hiring many engineers full-time.



Why Mirmar?

  • Digital or analog circuit design.
  • You do not have to create an entire electronics engineering department.
  • Circuit board layout.
  • You need help defining the optimum solution.
  • Circuit fabrication from breadboard to full production in quantity
  • You have a temporary overload.
  • Field Programmable Gate array (FPGA).
  • You do not find all the skills you need in one engineer.
  • Embedded chip level microprocessor
  • You do not know how to specify what you want. We can help.
  • Microcontroller programming.
  • We have all the test equipment required.
  • Windows/Linux PC programming.
  • Custom chip or ASIC production management.
  • Complex function reduced to circuitry.



Mirmar Sensor has approved government (DOD) rates for federal subcontracting.

Mirmar Sensor, LLC

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Digital or analog circuit design

Professional electrical engineers can design custom circuitry to meet your need.

25 KeV high voltage power supply with embedded intelligent control.

Circuit Board Layout


Circuit fabrication

FPGA Design


Digital Signal Processing Design

Combination FPGA and DSP data acquisition and processing board.

Embedded single-board computers


PC/Linux programming


To prototype complex algorithms or control

Time domain deconvolution of bandwidth limit in a circuit.

For communications and control

A simple LABVIEW GUI which drives a digital acquisition system from a PC.

Integrated Circuit (IC) or Application Specific IC (ASIC) possible.

Signal Processing


Mirmar Sensor, LLC

Contact Information

For information call (805) 895-4608 or