Mirmar Sensor small diameter xenon gamma-ray specrometer


Manufacturing high-purity xenon filled gamma-ray spectrometers.
  • Gamma-ray energy range 0 - 2 MeV.
  • Energy resolution 2-3% (at 137Cs; 662 keV).HPXe Temperature Stability data
  • Room temperature/high temperature operation.
  • Extremely Temperature Stable.HPXe Temperature Stability data
  • Rugged.
  • Prototype detectors in stock.
  • Custom designs available.


  • Intergral Preamplifier - compatible with most normal spectroscopy amplflier systems.
  • Integral High Voltage Power Supply -requires only ±12V.
  • Compatible with normal NIM Bin power supply.
  • Simple plug-in and go operation. No panel buttons.

Mirmar Sensor, LLC

Contact Information

For information call (805) 895-4608 or info@mirmar.com

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